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Culture Shift

DEB Assessments

Program Design

Building organizational cultures that honor, celebrate and engage in the challenge of employing a diverse workforce means building strategies for the future.

To know where to start, we have to know where we are. What are the assets you possess and where can you make changes?

Are you designing to the margins? Designing programs that matter means that you are listening to the communities you are designing for. 




Supporting professionals of color in reaching their career goals. 

Facilitating through the lens of belonging means ensuring that everyone feels safe to bring their full selves into the space.

Diversity, Equity and Belonging trainings create a shared language and understanding for teams, organizations and community in order to better grasp the system of oppression and how it manifests itself within organizations. 

Pricing/Rates: Retainer, project-based, and hourly rates are available by request.

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