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Focuses on representation [and celebration] of a range of groups/ [perspectives] in a given setting.

Latinx Leaders Consider Coronavirus Toll in Sonoma County

For our Virtual Coronavirus Town Hall May 12, 2020 we will present a cast of leaders in the Latinx community to help us understand how the pandemic may be affecting different populations in our county and region differently. We will be posting the unedited version of their conversation here.

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We Need a Culturally Responsive Approach to COVID-19

Let us be clear. The systems and institutions designed to serve the public are not culturally responsive. That failure causes additional, unnecessary harm and illness to people and cultures not fully represented in the leadership of these systems and institutions. Even when individuals who identify with underserved communities serve in a single leadership position, their relative isolation within leadership structures creates an unsustainable imbalance, but not a paradigm shift.

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